Panko is a candle atelier that began as an experiment on our founder’s kitchen hob in 2020.

The story of Panko - while produced in south-east London - is rooted in Ukraine. Panko, or Панько, is something that Joseph’s grandfather would call him when he was a little boy, rushing around causing trouble. Broadly translating to 'little rascal', it captures the spirit of Panko - mixing Ukrainian heritage with a sense of playfulness.

Our candles draw on fragrances and capture moods from around Ukraine, bringing varying scents from this diverse country into your home. Each candle jar is embellished with a different design that is inspired by a cross-stitch pattern, commonly used in Ukrainian embroidery. 

When you burn a Panko candle, you begin a journey into a land of mountains, forests and coastal towns, where rich scents envelop your senses and match your disposition - whether soporific, invigorated or intimate.